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Microprocessor Automation Systems Research and Development Cooperative Mikronika (MIKRONIKA) was established in 1983 by a group of former employees of the Automation Systems Research and Development Centre, company associated with MERAMONT Poznan. In the beginning, as one of the first companies in Poland, MIKRONIKA worked on designing, manufacturing, installation and putting into operation microprocessor devices and systems. Its systems were intended for process control in various branches of industry of high complexity level, requiring processing from several hundred to tens of thousands of measurements, statuses, warnings and controls.

Today, MIKRONIKA is one of Poland's leading suppliers of system solutions for industrial automation systems based on software and hardware developed and manufactured in-house. For more than 32 years MIKRONIKA's solutions in electric utilities, metallurgy, chemical industry and more recently in telecommunication won recognition by customers and appreciation confirmed by numerous awards at specialist trade fares and displays. This also results in constant, year-by-year increase in the number of implementations. MIKRONIKA has supplied and implemented several dozens of large-scale, comprehensive and sophisticated SCADA systems and produced thousands of devices and systems for various industries, mainly energy. MIKRONIKA has been producing a complex of devices for the purpose of data acquisition at the power substations and program applications, which constitute an autonomous monitoring, advising and control system known under the name of SYNDIS. Half of the highest voltage substations modernizations in Poland are executed using Mikronika's technology, devices and software. 40% of the territory of Poland is covered with MIKRONIKA's distribution network monitoring systems. Central control systems at ENEA, TAURON and ENERGA are also made by MIKRONIKA.
SYNDIS system is also used in aircraft monitoring objects at the territory of whole Poland owned by Polish Air Navigation Services Agency. System SYNDIS was used for a centralized supervision of major part of radio and television broadcast on the territory of Poland managed by TB Emitel. The system was also used in specialised medical clinics.

In years 2010-2013 SYNDIS system devised were used in a modernization process of approx. 300 220kV substations on the territory of Russia (30% of all existing HV objects in Russia – in Poland there are only 100). Few dozens of substations and systems were executed in Ukraine, Belarus, Greece, Syria, Finland, Turkey and Kazakhstan.

In years 2007-2008 MIKRONIKA performed a research project for the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) in the USA. The work referred to analysis of voltage stability, status of transmission networks, including loading levels and power flows over the network, and employing mathematical algorithms developed and improved over the years, system operators can predict the state of the transmission network and avoid possible system failures. The results of the research works were implemented at the Turkish Northern Cypriot Republic, ordered by European Commission and country distribution operators.

In years 2010 – 2015 MIKRONIKA has leaded industrial research and executed R&D works in the scope of the creation of expert system for different purposes. An expert system has successfully been implemented for the purpose of HV transformer monitoring at over 70 places, which used prediction mechanisms based on machine learning algorithms.

In years 2011 – 2013 MIKRONIKA did research together with Russian institutions to be used in Russia in the scope of algorithms for network optimalization in computer systems with intentional mechanisms for the purpose of innovation information systems for supervision and control of country strategic infrastructural objects, on which intentional interaction counted in miliseconds is desired. MIKRONIKA together with Institute of Power Engineering did research and implementations on calculation of dynamic line load in real time using prognostic algorithms.

From 2014 MIKRONIKA has been implementing an automation dehydration system in the largest lignite mine, where common MIKRONIKA's and Masts's industrial research results are used.

From 2015 MIKRONIKA together with Poznan University of Technology in Poznan has been doing research on diagnostic methods using the effect of partial discharge.

MIKRONIKA's products offer for is almost fully resulting from its own research and implementation works, own and original employees’ solutions. Those products fulfill world standards and norms, which enables competition with world leaders in the branch. Mikronika has at its disposal over 300 employees, specialised in IT, software, data processing and treatment, and electronic equipment design. Many of MIKRONIKA's products awarded many medals and prizes on fair in Russia and Poland. MIKRONIKA operates on the basis of PN-EN ISO 9001:2009 quality management system and PN-EN ISO 14001:2005 environment management system. Currently, the company is in a process of implementation of the telecommunication security system, according to PN-EN 270001 norm. Yearly MIKRONIKA's income generated from its implementations reaches over 100 millions PLN.