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International Institute for Molecular Oncology
Jakuba Krauthofera 23
60-203, Poznan, Poland

Tel. +48-509-970-711

International Institute for Molecular Oncology - Szczecin

IIMO headquarters are located at 23 Krauthofera Street in Poznan, Poland. It possesses research premises with the office space, and IT and environmental infrastructure. Modern IIMO headquarters are equipped with ecological solutions and secures human friendly environment. All rooms are air-conditioned and ventilated. The building is prepared for the installation of research equipment, which requires special environmental conditions and laboratory facilities for analysis. There’s access to high-speed Internet. The building possesses an effective Ethernet and WiFi network infrastructure. All data is secured according to PN-EN 27001 norm. There are conference rooms and library. Location of IIMO in Poznan, large university center, close to the city center, with good access to public transport facilities, as well as A2 highway node, enables better accessibility to necessary staff for the project.