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Welcome to IIMO

Artificial Intelligence-Driven Biomedical Ecosystem for Precision Oncology

Non-profit research institution for translational cancer science.

Conquer cancer by employing the bench-at-bedside approach through clinically informed,
patient-oriented research focused on the endpoint of delivering impactful clinical responses.

Teaming with world leading cancer centers to create world free of cancer.

The mission of IIMO is to carry out scientific and industrial studies in oncology using the state-of-the-art ICT solutions and bioinformatic analyses to develop and implement innovative methods for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer. The biomedical research focuses on a comprehensive molecular analysis of patients and their cancers employing the whole genome sequencing technology, proteomics, metabolomics and immunology (so-called Big Data). The integration of patient molecular and clinical data will be conducted by means of modern computation methods, including: artificial intelligence algorithms and machine learning, natural language analysis and biostatistics. The results of the studies and analyses performed will allow to develop and implement effective methods of cancer diagnosis and treatment, as well as innovative ICT solutions to enable personalisation of cancer therapy in order to improve treatment outcomes for selected types of cancer.

Internet of People and Internet of Things. AI-CANCER