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Clinical Proteomic Tumor Analysis Consortium (CPTAC)

CPTAC is a comprehensive and coordinated effort to accelerate the understanding of the molecular basis of cancer through the application of robust, quantitative, proteomic technologies and workflows. CPTAC is a multicenter and interdisciplinary project coordinated by National Cancer Institute at NIH. The IIMO has been awarded 4-years contract from NIH funded by federal funds from government of the United States.

1. Identify and characterize the protein inventory from tumor and normal tissue biospecimens
2. Integrate genomic and proteomic data from analysis of common cancer biospecimens
3. Develop assays against proteins prioritized in the discovery stage as potential biomarker candidates
4. Perform testing of verification assays in relevant cohorts of biospecimens

Participating oncology hospitals and oncology leaders:

1. Heliodor Swiecicki Clinical Hospital; Poznan, Prof. Malgorzata Wierzbicka (PI), Prof. Witold Szyfter, Dr. Ewelina Kalinowicz, Dr. Joanna Napierala
3. Jozef Strus Polyclinical City Hospital; Poznan, Prof. Andrzej Antczak (PI), Dr Gabriel Brominski
4. Central Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of Interior; Warszawa, Prof. Marek Durlik (PI), Dr Magdalena Derejska
5. Karol Marcinkowski Regional Clinical Hospital; Zielona Gora, Dr Pawel Jarmuzek (PI), Dr Jakub Stawicki
6. Lower Silesia Cancer Center; Wroclaw, Prof. Rafal Matkowski (PI), Dr Marcin Jedryka, Dr Andrzej Czekanski
7. University Clinical Center; Katowice, Dr Katarzyna Kusnierz, Prof. Sergiusz Nawrocki (PI), Prof. Pawel Lampe
8. Central Clinical Hospital; Warszawa, PI: Prof. Andrzej Marchel (PI), Dr Tomasz Czernicki
9. Regional Hospital Complex, Szczecin, Prof. Tomasz Grodzki (PI), Prof. Bartosz Kubisa, Dr. Magdalena Wojtys
10. Regional Clinical Hospital, Sosnowiec, Dr Wojciech Kaspera (PI), Dr Wojciech Szopa
11. Greater Poland Center of Pulmonology and Thoracic Surgery; Poznan, Prof. Wojciech Dyszkiewicz (PI), Dr Lukasz Gasiorowski
12. University Hospital of Lord's Transfiguration; Poznan, Prof. Lidia Gil (PI)